“How do I learn Japanese?”

Textbooks? JLPT? Dictionary?

Without being literally in Japan, how do we learn Japanese?

Putting yourself in a circumstances where you’re (preferably with fun) forced to understand, listen to and understand the language you’re learning is the key, at least that’s how I have learned English without living in English-speaking countries for more than a few weeks.

Making native speaker friends or partners for conversations, plus learning grammar and vocabulary on your own, at schools or courses.

I have been Japanese teacher for many years both in Japan and Denmark, but it’s interesting that it’s not always the teachers who have the best answer, it’s always in you, learners, when it comes to what method or what kind of way of learning is the best for you.

A couch “bringing the answer you have in you” is what I have been, more than only a teacher “giving knowledges and skills I have.” I respect your way of learning and if you’re in need, I’ll be there for you to assist you to the point where you want to get to at Okaeri SCHOOL or if you’re around, FOF Aalborg.

You must have been looking around finding Japanese friends, good (free or charged) materials or courses, on or offline. And I believe learners’ choice makes more sense than teacher’s choice, so here I have put practical info together by my students and customers recommendations – hope it helps you and you’re welcome to share yours to others here by contacting us 🙂


GENKI http://genki.japantimes.co.jp/index_en

MARUGOTO https://www.marugoto.org/en/

Popular Online Dictionary:


Pupular Apps:

Kana town
Japanese Kanji Study
HelloTalk (language exchange)

Popular Channel:


Learning Hiragana in fun way:


“Learn Japanese to Survive”


Effective Kanji Learning (first month free trial):


Kanji with jokes:


For example: http://www.kanjidamage.com/kanji/31-white-白

Japan Foundation’s Learning Materials:


Subscription Movie/Anime/Drama Platforms:

Netflix (Ghibli film and many Japanese movies and dramas):

Cruncyroll (Anime series):


A Japanese in Denmark. Born and raised in Japan then moved to Aalborg, Denmark in 2017, loving to live here being totally myself. Okaeri Project.

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