Japanese Sessions

Want to learn Japanese more?

You’re here perhaps after reading “How do I learn Japanese?” page.
Thinking: “I mean, I need more.”

In learning Japanese,

  1. Self-learning (Individual/Group learning) …Apps, books, YouTube etc.
  2. Language exchange … with native speakers
  3. Japanese courses (Online/Offline) … classes, lessons, lectures etc.

You might be focusing on one of the ways above or combining them fitting the best for you and your lifestyle.

As for private lessons, you can also find many many various teachers online/offline. Usually with some well structured programmes or series of lessons prepared for you. In case you haven’t found what you’ve been looking for… hope you find it here.

If you are a super motivated, independent and 素直な learner of the Japanese language, this below can be also one of your choices.

“素直な SUNAO-NA learner” here can be interpreted as a “learner who is open and ready, that accepts advices without sticking to their own way” 

Okaeri offers you actually FREE (for you) Japanese session(s):

If you feel right about how Mayu coaches/teaches, seeing from the YouTube videos or through other opportunities: contact us and inspire us to choose you for the next “Model Student” (free Japanese coaching session for you, and others will benefit learning on YouTube together)♡ by comments on YouTube videos or joining OkaeriSCHOOL the World Campus free and open Facebook group: here

You get sessions for free. Okaeri shares the videos on YouTube, so other similar level learners as you can learn together.

(Only voices will be recorded and nicknames are fine; ))

This coaching session is perfect for you, who (is a super motivated, independent and 素直な learner yourself and) needs intensive special minutes with a native speaker (AND an experienced professional teacher)’s detailed and honest assistance.

“The final touch” to complete your Japanese skill, knowledge and quality.
Whatever level your current Japanese is at.

For Beginner level to check your self-learning so far to go to a next grade properly or ask your genuine questions you can’t get from other resources,

for Intermediate level to find what you’re missing to become PeraPera (fluent) wondering “Am I doing it right?”,

for PeraPera level you know you never stop becoming better and better in any way.

Whatever else than this session, and just the time you need, you can easily find solutions on your own today.

You can take advantage of this session, to keep yourself motivated by setting the session date in advance and you bring your best to this intensive half an hour (usually 30 mins) on the day. Anytime you need the assistance.

You can bring your achievements (what you have so far learned, practiced or studied) to become even better or enchanted and questions/problems/wonders to be solved.

You’ll be confident and comfortable with upgraded yourself in Japanese✨

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