Welcome to Okaeri SCHOOL!!
Established: 1st. February 2021 –

Now it’s FREE and OPEN for everyone!

Okaeri SCHOOL the World Campus

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You are super welcome to join (totally free) ♡

What you can get is inspiration and free Japanese coaching sessions!
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History of Okaeri SCHOOL

Opening Party Event on Thursday 8th April 2021, 16.00 (CET)
We had a nice talk with the Japanese Ambassador in Denmark!

What is Okaeri SCHOOL

Okaeri SCHOOL is a Japanese Language School online / an executive community with a Japanese school style fun!

We welcome you to a life-long learning + inspiration + comfortable space
with people sharing the same interest, passion and love.

Okaeri SCHOOL community is based online, but will definitely offer events and meet-ups in person, as real world ones, as soon as all the situations allow us.

What you get / Privilege 

  • 3 different Japanese classes for different levels
    (At least each has 3 times a month. In stead of curriculum or semesters we customise classes for participants’ needs and wants.) *1.5 hours each. 20 min. Lecture Archives available free on SCHOOL’s YouTube channel
    – Beginner Japanese – 1st Grade (いちねんせい)
    – Intermediate Japanese – 2nd Grade(2年生)
    – Pera Pera Japanese – 3rd Grade (3年生)
    – Culture Class (文化クラス)to enjoy and learn about Japan in general
    *You can join all classes above or can choose ones you are interested!
  • Weekly and monthly Live Teaching/Coaching/Interactive Talk by Japanese
    (This will be also archived on the FB group and you can choose when or how to join; by watching/listening to archives, by comments or by showing up on Zoom “classroom”.)
  • Meet Japan lovers and Japanese in exclusive community
  • Zoom Meetups / Parties connected to Japan 1 or 2 times a month
  • Exclusive offers and invitations for events and products
  • Constant inspiration and information about Japan connected online
  • Fun Japanese school life feeling (Student ID provided, other school events!)

    *All contents may vary or change.

Okaeri YouTube Channel

Okaeri SCHOOL Days

【本校舎】Main School “Building”:
Private Facebook group (you’ll be accepted after enrollment) 

Everyday School Life

【授業】Classes:Japanese (Beginner, Intermediate and Pera Pera classes)
Art (Anime, Manga, Movies etc.)
Social Studies (Trend, economics etc.)
P.E. (Exercises, danse etc.)
History, and
HR (Home Room) 
*All classes may vary.
【部活】Club Activities:Within the private Facebook group or you can find friends and create Messenger groups or on Discord or Twitter or wherever, we manage clubs on a list shared by Google Spread Sheet where to find who to talk to.
For example, Game Club, Anime Club, Book Club, Sport Club…more!
【ろうか】School Corridor: Where you can chat and communicate with other students or school personnels – On Messengers or on our official Discord server etc.
【給食/お弁当】School Lunch / Lunch Box:At home at the moment

February 2021:

Classes on Mon/Tue/Wed 19.00 – 20.30, Zoom meetup on Sat 13.00 and extra workshop.

Plan for March 2021 (may change / last updated 2/3/2021)
Time Zone is CET, Central European Time

Classes on Mon/Tue/Wed 19.00 – 20.30, HR 16.00, Zoom meetup on Sat 13.00 and culture class 19.00 – 20.00.
Classes on Mon/Tue/Wed 19.00 – 20.30, Opening Event / Talk with JP Ambassador on 8th. 16.00-17.00. Hanami is on the best blooming Saturday we’ll find out.
3rd Grade Class 17-18:30, 1st Grade Class 19-20.30 on Mondays, 2nd Grade Class 19.00-20.30 on Tuesdays.
SenpaiTalk+HR is 16.30-17.30, Nomikai event can/might be on different Saturday.
3rd Grade Class 17-18:30, 1st Grade Class 19-20.30 on Mondays, 2nd Grade Class 19.00-20.30 on Tuesdays.
SenpaiTalk+HR is 17.00-18.00, Zoom MeetUp Nomikai event 13.00-15.00EST (20.00-22.00 Japan).

July 2021 – July Classes were held for those wished for lessons during summer holidays: )

August 2021
Zoom MeetUp Nomikai event 13.00-15.00 CET (20.00-22.00 Japan). Cooking, Buddhism, Zen classes start at 17.00 CET.

September 2021, Beginner Class and Intermediate Class start over from the beginning, so it’s the best timing to get started!

Special Events

These are plans and visions, and totally optional. We just believe these will be fun!

【修学旅行】School Trip:Let’s go to Japan together one day and do the pillow fight at Ryokan (Japanese style hotel), visiting school trip spots hahaha:D
【文化祭】Cultural Festival:Each class or clubs get together with their own themed booth-stands such as Food (Takoyaki, Yakisoba, Sweets etc.), Art Gallery, Maid Cafe, Rock Band Stage, what so ever. 
【体育祭】Sports Festival:Red vs. White team dividing whole school into two (typically).
As well as those above, excursions and picnics (like Hanami, under cherry blossom trees) are also fun, again, when the situations allow us:)

【休学】Leave of Absence:
You can always have breaks and holidays at your pace.

You can always leave or drop the school. It’ll be at the same time naturally considered, if community harmony, manners and school rules are violated, for the student / member to be expelled.

Okaeri SCHOOL Culture
“Senpais (students with experiences or at higher grade)” will help and guide new students:)

How to join – “SCHOOL Admission”

0. Are you interested in Japan?

Then you’re qualified!

There are no entrance exams or interviews to enroll, no age / gender / nationality limit, but it’s very important that you have interests, passion or love in Japan.

We, however, expect you to be kind-hearted and self-responsible, to keep the community comfortable, beneficial and fun for you and everyone else.

1. Do you have Facebook account?

Facebook account is necessary, as Okaeri SCHOOL is an online community based mainly on Facebook group. If you don’t have Facebook account, you can create yours here.

2. Join in Facebook group

Click Here to send us a request to join Okaeri SCHOOL Facebook group, once your subscription is successfully registered.

Remember to write correctly your e-mail address on PayPal account, which is required to finish sending the request to the group, so we can find and match your info, and then approve / welcome you to the Okaeri SCHOOL!

What our students say:

I would like to become fluent (especially as i just got accepted to a japanese university) and i think Okaeri school helps a lot with grammatical and “how to apply knowledge” as well as practice so i recommend it for anyone that does not live in japan and wants to learn.


Woman, 22, Germany, Perapera class

I aim to become fluent eventually and i would like to work in communication in a big international firm with ties to Japan or a Japanese embassy, therefore i think Okaeri School helps a lot, especially with pronunciation practice as this is something thats very difficult to learn on your own
I also love that Okaeri School helps me to better understand Japanese culture so that i get a better understanding of the language.


woman, 26, Denmark, Beginner class

My objective is to be fluent in speech & understanding, and comfortable reading intermediate difficulty materials. I believe Okaeri school can help me with:
– providing a platform for me to ask questions & request clarification on grammar points I don’t understand,
– networking with native Japanese speakers, once my conversational skills are enough,
– keeping up my motivation to learn the language, thanks to the regular schedule of classes.


man, 34, France, Intermediate class


Q. How will I be sorted in proper grade?
A. You can put yourself in desired grade, and you can join or have a look at all other classes if you like!

Q. I want to be fluent in Japanese, would this SCHOOL be the best for me?
A. Yes and no.
Yes, especially when you are independently well motivated (doesn’t matter if you are a totally beginner or not right now), or have self-taught or tried other courses, services or materials and would love to have a fun school style “classmates” “teacher” “clubs” those “environment” to keep yourself in a Japanese atmosphere without being in Japan. Moreover, some of the members are already fluent and you can always get inspiration and tips from them.
No, if you wish for a strict curriculum, exams or specific courses for some sort of certifications. This school community focuses on joy, fun and comfortableness in life-long learning and inspiration regarding Japan, its culture and language.
However we keep up our professional services (teaching, coaching and arrangements), so this community can end up as a real future school;)

Q. I just love Japan and its culture, no need to learn the Japanese language much, still any benefits for people like me?
A. Yes, if you like this kind of exclusive community itself, where you share the same interests and passion with others. At the moment we have club activities, culture class and Zoom communication event connecting with Japan every month, and there will be more:)

Q. Is there “graduation” from Okaeri SCHOOL?
A. You can decide, whenever you feel right like “I have reached my goal with this learning.”


If you have more questions, contact us here.

We look forward to seeing you at “Okaeri SCHOOL!”