Pre Interview – Manga/Anime Workshop for Beginners with Koko-Sensei

Manga WS
Manga WS

Let’s have fun learning Manga/Anime drawing by the Japanese Manga artist Koko!!

Okaeri hosts this workshop so you can experience her lesson for free (usually it’s not!) and at the same time feel the Japanese school style fun as Okaeri SCHOOL🌸

Sign up here by clicking “Going/Join” button and you’ll get the Zoom link on the day 30 mins before the class. 

Ask us any questions by sending messages or write comments;-) Looking forward to seeing you in the Manga/Anime Workshop for Beginners❤️

Here we interviewed Koko sensei!

Koko Sensei

When did you start offering manga workshops?

My first workshop was 2019, at the city main library in Denmark!

How long have you been a professional manga artist / Illustrator (making money out of drawing)? 

I have been working as a professional illustrator for almost 15 years. 

Do you see any differences in teaching manga in Japan or in Denmark (Europe)?

mmmm I don’t really know as I have never taught in Japan. 
What I can say is, all my students are dedicated and well-focused during the lessons! 

What is the most difficult part of drawing manga?

Looking is easy, doing is hard. 
Sometimes you may think the poser.

What other benefits do students gain other than drawing lessons in your school ?

Benefits – You will learn from a native Japanese illustrator (me), who knows well about Manga industry and sub-culture in Japan! 

Not only drawing but I also give a mini-Japanese lesson, after drawing. 

So you get 2 …. drawing and language 😉 

Because I am a native Japanese, I read news and information in Japanese, that are hard to reach to the west. 

I share those with my students. Did you know, a creator of Demon Slayer, she ( or he? nobody knows…) was scrap Demon Slayer because she thought nobody would like it. 

But her family said “well, why don’t you show the manga to the publisher first.  Then throw it away?”   

– The publisher LOVED it, (shonen Jump), and immediately she made a debut.  
You never know until you try and show to someone. 

Those “behind the scene” stories are super interesting! Not only that, but I also share good techniques and advice I hear from Japanese artists, with my students. 

We have a community on Discord. 
We have several chat rooms where my students gather…talk about anime, art, Japan, all sorts.  

Drawing can be a lonely activity sometimes – having friends who are like-minded, means a lot. (come join us!) 

My students may get some collaboration drawing projects from outside of school. 
Sometimes I look around opportunities that allow my students to draw for others.  – it’s a huge excitement!!! 
I want my students to experience as much as possible. 

I also throw a drawing party once in a while, Live. 

We get together — draw — chat — fun time together. 

Thank you, Koko-sensei!
We look forward to seeing you at the workshop!

Draw with KOKO Website here

Come to the free workshop hosted by Okaeri!: here


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